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I liked I could purchase ahead of time and supposedly have the parts ready when I arrived. However, the employees have never seen the app, nor understood what to do with the barcode when it was presented to them. What I expected to save time and simplify the process actually proved to be more difficult and time consuming. App won't let me search parts, keeps telling me there is an error. I do not recommend this app i have been trying to order parts for 2. The online link to autozone stopped working as well, i had a few items in my carts and would not let me search the rest of them.

I have a samsung note 9. Useless app. Once you get past the first "page" of parts and it attempts to load more items, it reloads the page with completely unrelated parts, and never actually displays more than 1 page worth. Better hope the item you need is on the first page! Since it was logged in I could see what personal information this person had on their account.

I do not know the owner of said account and can not imagine how in the world that random account was logged into using the app I downloaded. It really troubles me to think that this could happen. I have never used any account other than my own through the app and when my actual account was logged in the app seemed to work fine. This is very worrying! When you try to view specials app closes down.

They should really get their act together. If you can't have a simple app working correctly, then what would i expect of their service in the store. I would have been able to get the parts today instead of waiting days and no autozone employee hours would have been wasted pulling my order and packaging it in boxes that add additional cost and trash to the globe.

It was initially easy to find the parts for the vehicle, until I tried to actually buy them. If you are out of an item, or are no longer selling them, they should not appear in the list of available parts. This is basic. Yes, finally after having the iPhone 3 resolution for so long they finally updated the appearance of the app. But now the app is basically useless.

So many glitches and bugs. Will change my review once this app is actually functional. Autozone, please fire your current developer team. Apparently doesn't permit password managers. It's been a while since I had it installed but I wanted to look for something today she downloaded this app. I went to login and my email address went over from my password manager, but the password didn't appear. So I copied it as plain text and tried to paste it I saw dots for a second and then they were gone.

Computer security experts pretty universally recommend long passwords and password managers, so this is really annoying. Shopping is relatively easy using this app. However trying to navigate check out was a disaster I had to flip between three different options for my part till I was allowed to check out. However as far as prices coupons and ease of shopping goes phenomenal. Catalog has progressively gotten clunky with the last few updates. Not the one that fits the vehicle you are looking the part up for. Clearly not the AutoZone I worked for 5 years ago. Service goes down, prices go up. I would love to give this App a "zero" star.

Instead of doing a straight out search for requested part, it forces me to go to several other selections. Then it forces me to select my vehicle, which I have already setup my default vehicle. It asks for the Year of vehicle I select then goes straight to "Mini", which is NOT my vehicle and will not allow me to change. Can not go past this point! And tries to make you put a new email and a new password and each time you want to go back in and check your rewards or to sign into your account. This thing is junk. Still have trouble looking up my order history using Auto Zone app.

If I log into my account using a computer I can see my order history. If I use my app I don't see a single order even though I am using the same email address and password. Have verified that my rewards card numbers match. Just does not work like you expect. I usually end end up using the computer to purchase as I don't trust the app.

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After I search for a product for my car, I get a list of products that fit which is good. However after I select one to read the details, I can not see a way to get back to the list to read the next product description without re-doing my search. It seems like it just needs a back button. This app is junk. They have thought up a lot of good tools to help you keep track of your vehicles. None of them work like they should as others have said the app crashes all the time. The other thing that just chaps me is a lot of parts you look up can only be shipped to your home.

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But I can call my local store and get the same parts delivered to the store. I wish Autozone would fix App so that when I order, the order goes through on the iPhone. I go all the way to checkout and to pickup at the store, only for it not to complete. I thought having the app would help me a lot but when I ordered a part and paid for it on the app I was expecting to walk into the store and maybe show some ID and walk out with the part but I had to walk out of the stour to get my phone from the car to show my paypal email confirmation and my autozone ordering confirmation.

Autozone seems to have quite a bit of trouble with their online presence in general. The app works sometimes, and when trying to switch to website it seems to be down quite a bit. You would think a corporation their size would be able to manage their web presence better. IT Dept seems bad I recently ordered a part, went back to check the status and there was nothing there as if I never places an order. It just disappeared. Purchased a part with the promise of next day shipping. Well, that turned into a 4 day shipping.

NBD, found part cheaper elsewhere online, so called to return the part. AutoZone says since the part was correct I actually never even opened it that I have to pay to return it. I believe this is literally called bait and switch. Lots of places out there to buy auto parts, avoid autozone at all costs!! Go to log in and the the app will only allow you to input 10 characters. Why should I have to change my PW cause the app will only The good: I like how it picks up on my vehicle and saves it although, I would be pretty frustrated if I tried to look up mini fuse and it tried to set my vehicle as a Mini.

The bad: Why won't this app work on an iPad. I just tried to look up a lower ball joint and it showed me control arms. Did you guys hire a real app developer or did you have Joey from the mailroom do it? I mean I appreciate the bug fixes but why remove the troubleshooting help it was so useful. Please bring it back! At least give the option to pay at the store when you go pick up While I love shopping at AutoZone, this app needs some immediate work. The lack of sort is mind boggling, and tells me that this app was poorly thought through without thinking about the user experience.

In today's day, having a poor app experience is a death wish for any retail company. I expect better from AutoZone, which has a pretty decent web user experience! When I try to add my rewards card to my Apple wallet it gives me a "no response from server". Also when you create an account in the app it will also create a new rewards card regardless if you have a pre-existing card or not.

I had to call the number and get the problem fixed in order to keep my points. Whoever did the last app update needs to fix the search engine. Granted before the update it worked just fine. Go back to the old version please! Be checking back every quarter. I have been a long time user of this app, and found it extremely helpful to lookup parts when I need the parts and not sitting at a computer.

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Latest update will crash every time I open or try to use the app. You can't add anything to your shopping cart. There's MANY other issues with this app, already wasted too much of my time on it. Autozone as a store is great, always have what I need.

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But when it comes to the app, extremely glitchy and takes everything out of my cart when I close the app. I would rather just go to my local Autozone and order my parts there as it is much smoother at the store. I like ordering online. When I was finding parts it had a number next to the choice and when I clocked out a lot of times it would tell me the pet was not available.

It took a lot of hunting. It was nice that it tracked my rewards number. The screen resolution is not built properly, the buttons look outdated, and the app crashed multiple times while I tried to create an account. Last 2 updates have been horrible Constantly keep typing the same product to look at them detailed each one.

It just keeps telling you incorrect information but, You can log in from the website just fine with the same info. It keeps crashing during searches also. App will not let you access your rewards info.

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Comes back with error. Finding parts is too complicated to be effective at all. Much more friendly and cheaper with quality parts. So this app is horrible. I suggest not using it if you care about your privacy. I opened the app went to order my stuff and found someone from Cali was logged into my app and I could view all their personal info. I believe this is some type of glitch in their system. I have had three of these jacks and after a year and a half the jack stops working. I only purchased the jacks because of the price.

These jack are not reliable in the long run. I will not buy another one. I also purchased it because I don't have to get the factory jack out on the highway. Poor design. This app is complete trash. Just like all other comments on this the fact of the app not even being able to launch is unacceptable and needs to be fixed ASAP!! When I have checked out with only buying oil and an oil filter, the website says it encountered an error and cannot checkout.

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