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Since I started using Peapod, I have tipped the Peapod driver. However, if you give them cash, they get to keep it that day. Try Butcher Box. New customers who sign up will receive the following freebies in their first box:. You can save money on your first order, too.

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Choose a delivery time that was convenient for Peapod versus what was convenient for me. Plus, I feel like I can do a better job of keeping my grocery spending in check by shopping via a website. Peapod is even better at the holiday time. Think about the crazy days before Easter, Passover, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Super Bowl Sunday, or on weekends when most people grocery shop. With Peapod delivery, I can avoid the crowded supermarket all together. Peapod is great!

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I have been using them constantly for 2 years now. Also, they regularly have great discount offers available to save you a bit of money on your order.

They are posted online and you can see them on the website. I have found that there are certain items that seem to be more expensive via Peapod but others that are WAY cheaper. So I figure it all balances out in the end. Plus, I never need to go to the store. They are all older sites.

Since this has comments from , the age-old question that many people ask is how much do you tip your driver? Can you give your thoughts on all of this? I want to ensure the driver gets tipped. Yes, I can answer how much to tip peapod driver Peapod lost a custiomer this morning. They brought delivery and wanted to leave it outside. Called customer service they told me they offer door to door service.

Bye Bye Peapod. I have never had Peapod want to leave my groceries at the door. They always bring them in. I would understand your being disappointed. Was that the first time this ever happened?

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Not only are the neatly dressed, courteous and friendly, they never fail to go the extra mile and delivery groceries right to my kitchen, and pet supplies to my pantry. Love, love, love Peapod! I must say that there have been no issues with either the orders or the delivery times since I started ordering with them. Deliveries have always been made within the two hour window.

Peapod is a valuable service for the elderly. My mother has been so happy with the service and products that she has received, so I just started ordering my own groceries through them as well. Thank you for the comment. I think that now that you can visit the Peapod website on the day of your order and get that two-hour delivery window makes it much easier to keep track of when your order is going to be delivered.

Also, I noticed that my Peapod which is through Stop and Shop is selling meal kits now. This is the most unbelievably horrific service I have ever used. My order was scheduled between PM. At 9PM I received a call saying the driver is a bit late and my order will be here at around The best thing?

NO follow up call, NO way to contact them because their phone service closes at 10PM and NO way for me to even know if they plan on bringing me what I paid for! This is indeed awful and I am so sorry this happened to you. I hope you called the next day, complained and insisted they refund your order and then some. Let us know what happens. My neighbor has been using PeaPod and loves it. If she had read your comments she might never have signed on…you need to realize that what happens in your neighborhood or town is not reflective good or bad of what everyone else will experience.

People should judge on their own. Hi, MaryAnn: I got an official answer for you. Unfortunately, Peapod said that they do not accept circular coupons and those are to be used in-stores only.

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They have their own sales and offers that differ from what you may find in-store or mailed to you. Probably not the answer you wanted to hear, but at least now we both know. Thanks again for posting the question. And based on this tweet from Feb you can! I received one text yesterday morning saying they were running late and no text after that!

I will request a full refund! I will never use this company any again!!!!!! I wasted my entire Valentines Day waiting on groceries which is despicable. A renown company such as yours should have the decency to alert your customers!!! I called and waited on the phone for 30 mins on hold! The young lady who finally answered said my order would come at !!!! Not even a phone call!

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I am so disappointed and will Never use them again!!! I will be calling the Regional office today!!!! This is disappointing to hear. Can you tell me where you live and which store fulfills your orders? I can try to help you figure out what happened. Actually, the food came in boxes, which the delivery person brought to the door on a hand cart. However, I would bet that they would pack your stuff in the boxes and leave the bags out if you asked. I hear you on the reusable bag thing.

Perhaps I should head over to Twitter and see if I can find out. Not only do I not want a house full of plastic bags, but I live on the third floor of an apartment building with very steep stairs. How did they pack your groceries? Was it one-five items per bags like my store seems to love to do?

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Here are a few new Peapod benefits Peapod continues to update its offerings. New service option in Illinois You can get alcohol delivered to you in your Peapod delivery order , if you happen to live in Illinois. What is Peapod? Peapod Markets Currently Peapod serves the following markets. Milwaukee S. Pennsylvania Central Pennsylvania Peapod.

What about Amazon Fresh? Shipt is another option Just found out about another option for those not living in Peapod markets. Peapod Partners Peapod partners with local grocery stores to bring groceries to your door, literally. Organic produce delivered direct to California residents If you live in California, then you live outside the Peapod delivery area. The Pros The biggest pro? You can get groceries delivered from your favorite stores with Instacart! Share your email to subscribe to our email list, and we'll send you a link where you can grab our free tipsheet on how to save money on an online stylist.

Email Address. Comments Peapod is great! They are posted online and you can see them on the website Hope this helps! Please enroll me now. Any page visits by referred members will earn points for the referrer, and will be displayed on the Leaderboard. The total referral points determine the top 10 Referrers each month.

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