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Some of the affiliate networks provide international offers with the great payout. Indian and international affiliate networks offer direct deposit to India. And Now, vCommission is my most favorite Indian affiliate network in India. You can find all the popular brands with them. You can download the CSV file of all offers to import all offers and coupons in bulk, vCommission pay on time directly to your bank account.

And, if you are looking for a plugin to import coupons in bulk. If you have a coupon site, a review blog on any niche and want to earn handsome money through affiliate marketing, must join this affiliate marketing site. Amazon affiliate program is known as Amazon Associates, Amazon India is also the best affiliate network for Indians and as well as for international also amazon.

Amazon started Amazon India shopping site a few years back. The benefit of Joining Amazon in-house affiliate program is that you get good commissions, You will get a lot of promotion tools, widgets to promote offers and products and good commissions to earn. As we know Flipkart is a shopping website in India. Flipkart offers an in-house affiliate program beta. The benefit of joining Flipkart in-house affiliate program is that you get good commissions, a lot of affiliate tools and widgets for promoting Flipkart products.

They pay between net to 60 days. They offer deep linking, coupons and offers for various programs. They pay via Paypal and check and there is no limit to earning money. Through performance marketing strategies followed by the network advertisers can boost their sales and for publishers carrying out huge campaigns on their website can help them optimize the website.

Get listed in the affiliate directory

The network has a fixed payment schedule that can be counted on. It is open to all advertisers and publishers around the world.

They have most of International and Indian offer. You can download the CSV file of all offers to import all offers and coupons in bulk. Bigrock Affiliate Program is a faster-growing affiliate network in India. Best suited to web designers and bloggers interested in web hosting.

You can start earning in 3 easy steps. Bigrock offers high-quality domain and hosting services, and provides very high commissions for every sale generated by affiliates. Additional features like great support and timely payouts. DGM is the fastest growing Indian affiliate network. DGPerform has top advertiser affiliate offers. Try to give them some freedom, let them add their own voice to your products or deals so that they can appeal to their users in their own way as sometimes they can feel the audience a little better making them buy your products.

Furthermore, let them go ahead and use different promotional channels, target customers and techniques. Fresh approaches and new tactics might be what your products need to start selling faster. But, of course, you should check the creative materials created by publishers. These are tips for advertisers on how to keep their affiliates happy and productive and how to help them to promote the offers.

On the other hand, affiliates can also adopt certain practices to make life a little simpler for advertisers.

OMG India – Affiliate Marketing Network

Pay attention to what you know about your partner. You should add content to your campaign, provide knowledge about the product to your audience and make sure you understand exactly how your partner brand works so that not to confuse the potential customers. Stay loyal.

Of course, you will want to work with more than one advertiser to earn more. And it is good as you need to broaden your possibilities which will bring you profit. But make sure you do not bite off more than you can chew. Enrolling yourself in too many affiliate programs will affect the quality of your promotion campaign and advertisers may ban you if you drive few or no sales.

So if you focus on less number of programs and get great results, there will be more incentives for you and for your partners. Track your sales. Make it a little easier for your partners to track sales they get through you by using unique tracking links. This will also make it more convenient for you to collate data and understand consumer buying trends. When you know which pages, banners, posts or products are converting better, it will be easier for you to decide how to boost driven sales.

Accept feedback. It is better to be always open to constructive criticism from your partners. Do not hesitate to ask them for feedback. This will ensure that you and your partner are on the same page and the relationship is working well. Likewise, you can show your ideas and insights about the affiliate program to your partner. Effective communication and mutual understanding between partners will make your affiliate partnership a lucrative one.

Summarising everything what was said above, it is necessary to mention that interaction, honesty and support are very important in the publisher-advertiser partnership. The threshold amount is also very low and they pay you in multiple currency. So new affiliate marketers can avoid Affiliate Window.

Commission Junction CJ is one of the oldest affiliate networks. It is one of the most trusted affiliate networks in the world. In fact, I have started my internet marketing career with CJ only. They got great reporting features and you get paid on time every month.

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Really great for new affiliate marketers. However, getting approval from advertisers to promote a program could be difficult because not all of them approve especially a newcomer.

1. ResellerClub

Click Bank just like Commission junction is also one of the oldest affiliate networks. I started with Click Bank. The network offers some serious benefits for new affiliate marketers. However, you need to be careful with choosing products because many of them are just trash. There is no doubt about the huge sales growth of apple products all over the world. You can find more details at apple. PeerFly is quite complicated affiliate network. The commission is rate is low and there are fewer products to promote.

Moreover the approval is also very tough. However some other great things are they pay you monthly, weekly and even daily in all kinds of payment mode. If you are an affiliate marketer from India then FlipKart is the best. Flipkart is the number one e-commerce site in India with millions of consumers. Hence for affiliate marketers there is a huge potential. ClixGalore is very popular but it is not liked by affiliate marketers in general. The program has many pros and cons.

But what I like about this program is that you can place their advertisement in emails and newsletters. Moreover there is no limit on number of advertisements you can place on your website and that is what makes ClixGalore a popular affiliate program. This is one of the top affiliate networks for Indian marketers. The first thing about this program is that getting permission is very tough and they can ban you anytime if they like it.

Top 15 Affiliate Programs & Network in India

Moreover the threshold income is also very high and payment procedure is also not very partial. So V commission has many problems especially for new affiliate marketers. You can read more about making money from VCommission here. FlexOffers has thousands of fresh affiliate programs that you can promote. The current figure is over merchants. Some of the top merchants are like Macys, Sear, Target etc. You can earn not just promoting products but also through referrals if you get to sign up your friends then you get a commission.

The payouts are also very fast. However there is no Pay Pal as payment mode. Commissions are really great but its terms and conditions are very strict. Those who love surfing Internet and write about relationship then Shaddi. You can write as well as make money with it. However commissions are only when someone subscribes to Shaadi.

Top 10 Best Affiliate Networks and Programs in India -

The quality of their advertisers is really great. The companies that you are going to promote have a brand name and recognition. Moreover the website is very easy to use however getting approval could be tough for new affiliate marketers. It has a great list of merchants that you can choose from.

As far as commission structure is concerned it is very flat. The whole site is very good with robust features and user interface.

However it is for only citizen living US, Canada and Australia. Just avoid it if you are living in any other country. If you love travelling and have a travel blog then start making some money with it. Commission rates of Yatra are great compared to other travelling websites in India.

coupon affiliate program india Coupon affiliate program india
coupon affiliate program india Coupon affiliate program india
coupon affiliate program india Coupon affiliate program india
coupon affiliate program india Coupon affiliate program india
coupon affiliate program india Coupon affiliate program india
coupon affiliate program india Coupon affiliate program india

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