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Round-trip One-way Multi-City. Business Class First Class. Business Class. Last Minute Business Class. United Airlines: "It's Time to Fly" With the largest destination network and the biggest fleet in the world, United is a great choice for those seeking travel flexibility and choice. Relax in United's Airport Lounges With nearly 50 United Clubs in 38 domestic and international airports, those with United first class tickets and business class seats can enjoy a multitude of luxuries.

Even those flying within the U. That seemed like a positive development, so some of us wondered what the catch was, since it's not often that airlines make positive changes to frequent….

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While United often sells miles at a discount, rarely does it represent a good deal. At the moment there's a promotion that can generate you United MileagePlus miles for under 1. There are two promotions that can…. He travels about , miles a year, primarily using miles and points to enhance his first class experiences.

He chronicles his adventures, along with industry news, here at One Mile at a Time. Would this affect booking United directly with Chase points, as the Chase travel portal is operated by Expedia?

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So a further devaluation for Chase Ultimate reward points with regards to United. We will not be able to book United flights for 1. Chase needs to do something soon. Maybe they never should have sold Orbitz the OTA that the airlines, including United, created to compete with Expedia and others. After changing hands a couple of times, Expedia owns it now.

I make a lot of my bookings through the portal with my CSR to get the 1. This is especially helpful with United blocking saver availability and charging last minute booking fees, taxes, ect. Kirby and Nocella has no part in that.

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You overlooked the tactic that most hotel groups do not award points for OTA bookings, and only some honor status. I presume both systems are pulling from the same system and same inventory. That would suggest the loss of many business class corporate travelers, which is a move I doubt United would want to take.

That would be just too painful for each of them. For most casual travelers, OTAs provide a valuable service in helping consolidate information and streamline booking. They had no role in that experience. This has been a long time coming. The carriers have been flirting with dumping the GDSs for a while but have been ham-stringed by technology.

But as the traveltech market is getting disrupted, the writing is on the wall for the GDS operators unless they change their business models to adapt and innovate sooner rather than later.

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United is just testing the waters with this announcement, but I think it will happen very soon and expect the rest of the US carriers to follow. Pretty soon travel agencies will be paying for access to inventory. Could you explain what happens in case of irrops for an OTA booking?

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Are the operating carriers responsible for rebooking or dealing with irrops issues, or would I have to contact Expedia to sort things out, and how good are they at that if needed? I wanted to upgrade to first class on the return trip. There were seats and United wanted to sell them to me. It was so stupid. There I was, money in hand to buy an upgrade, but both me and United were unable to do anything. I tried calling Expedia, but the language barrier between me and the two Expedia reps I spoke to made accomplishing anything impossible. Less concerned about United or Expedia…..

This is another example of an airline policy that does not put customers first. SW can get away with it because of reputation, better performance, and the lack of all the extra fees. I think the most interesting thing from that article is that UA wants a premium credit card like DL and AA have, I look forward to signing up for that.

Would this affect Google flights? WN schedules but not fares are shown on Google Flights. Would this become the case for United as well? Con artists and thieves. They do not stand behind their service. UA has a website that I find more complex and challenging to use. I just recently booked east coast to west coast UA flights with stopovers.. I wanted to scream with the time it required. I realize that UA provides seat assignments, baggage costs etc. Simple to use.

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Please let United do this so they can get spanked by the market. No one outside of points enthusiast would seriously go out of their way to fly United. Most flyers chase low fares and perhaps convenience. If they have any common sense, they check websites that aggregate fares for comparison. Not seeing United means they will be forgotten. No one will make the extra effort to see if United is offering a lower fare when we can assume AA and Delta and Spirit are all visible. Southwest can do this because they are so easy to work with once you buy a ticket.

Mark G. I would rather walk than fly Southwest or Spirit. Southwest, on the other hand, is a miserable experience. I want a first class option. I had to fly that airline once for a last minute trip. It was like a flying Greyhound. The passengers were in pajamas and flip flops. Who even thinks of doing that? Complete trash on that flight. Therefore, I try to fly UA. And, being in Denver, that is easy.

last minute airline deals united airlines Last minute airline deals united airlines
last minute airline deals united airlines Last minute airline deals united airlines
last minute airline deals united airlines Last minute airline deals united airlines
last minute airline deals united airlines Last minute airline deals united airlines
last minute airline deals united airlines Last minute airline deals united airlines

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